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Monday, November 22, 2010

21st November 2010 (Sunday)

I do believe I’m in the running for the Most Boring Blog of the Year award, the way things are going. I do apologise.


Sunday was great. We offed to Nippers in the morning, of course – only today they had the amusingly named ‘King of the Beach’ event on. The kiddies did a bit of splashing about in the surf early on, but then unfortunately that was about it for them. There was a parade of the three surf clubs involved (which seemed to take an absolute AGE to get going) and after that an all-age relay race where Merewether lost by about a lap. After that we got bored and buggered off to the baths. Still, good day for it.

At the baths they dived, paddled and generally frolicked until the Non could no longer stick sea-shells into a sandy Jabba the Hut creation on the each for excess of shivering, at which point I declared the excursion at an end and hauled her off to the changing rooms. (I never went near the water, naturally. Far too cold.)

A HUGE amount of pizza for lunch later, and we got in the car again to go to Blackbutt Fair. Now this wasn’t actually held in Blackbutt but in one of the streets near it, and it was really just one of the usual tat-fairs with handmade children’s clothes and pinnies and jewellery you never wanted. However, there were a whole load of wine-tasting booths from the Hunter Valley, all lined up. In view of the Mr’s having to drive, we only sampled one, cautiously, but the poor Mr cast many a backwards glance at the tempting fare, like little Danny the Fieldmouse and the acorns.


This little excitement over, we went up to Blackbutt proper. Place was fairly heaving, everyone was out there having their birthday parties and enjoying the good weather. Notably, the Littles honed her Frisbee-throwing technique until she can now (more or less) be relied on to throw it in a straight line… the destination is still somewhat vague but sometimes it’s pretty spot on. This is a huge improvement from her habit either of ramming it straight to the ground, of throwing it like a discus. Well, I use ‘throwing’ in a very broad sense, here. Made a round of our usual animals, and had the treat of actually seeing and feeding one of the rock wallabies (or he might have been a wallaroo) who are usually way at the top of the enclosure and you just get to see the tips of their ears.

At this point I think I’m going to call it quits. It’s actually Monday as I write but I think I’ll leave the rest for tomorrow. Snogs.

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  1. Beauftiful sunny day as we drove up to the mountais, with the fresh snow on the higher Dolomites gleaming in the sun. We met the builder, electrician and the rep from the furniture store in the flat at Cibiana at 1pm. Measurements taken, moving electric points agreed, 2 bedrooms measured for furniture - sloping ceilings add to the fun. Outside there was smow still in little heaps beside the roads near Cibiana, but the view is still spectacular. Next step is to see the kitchen etc. rep on Sunday morning to review his plans. Very few people about in Cadore, and unlike Monday of last week we came back in the sunlight, with pink moutains to our right as the sun was setting.

    Non is obviously making progress at a number of "sports" - well done. Ghost toast - sounds good, maybe you should patent it as a parental aid? Love to you all, Whale