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Thursday, November 11, 2010

12th November 2010 (Thursday)

I can't quite believe what I'm seeing.

I think I've posted ALL the backlog of pics. It was a truly Herculean effort, though I say it myself. There's still lots of editing and details for catch up on, but that's NOTHING compared to the agony of waiting for all those pictures to load. My new blog is more or less up and running. Absolute bliss.

Not only that but I've just been able to hoover the whole house because there isn't a single room that's being used as storage or is crammed with various excess things. There's a pile of puzzles in the living room which strictly speaking shouldn't be there, but they're in the process of being approved for disposal so I'll discount those. Some balloons are still wandering around in a rather shrivelled state, and I now have to make a trip to the storage facility to get rid of the extra bedding and so on, but in the main, almost back to normal. The world is SO my oyster, I'm savouring the moment of reaching for the shucking knife to the utmost.

(...A little later...)

As usual, it wasn't all roses. Found out the migration process wasn't entirely complete, nor can it be unless I re-do the October posts from the Blue Mountains... needless to say, I'm loath to do this after the struggle they caused initially. Still, have jiggled things about a bit so that I've got a little more space to use on the old blog, so it'll cog on for a while.

HUGE thanks to the Pie for posting such gorgeous pics on the My family site, those kids just get more and more beautiful by the day, I swear. Even some of the parents, too, which is also much appreciated.

Lillian day today, and they both seemed pretty tired. Had a notification from Mr Harris at school today when I picked the Non up - in his kind Australian way he said 'she's got something to take home and finish today, she decided to be a bit whingy and it didn't really happen." - turns out she'd scribbled all over a question sheet. We'll be doing that for tomorrow morning's work, instead of the usual. At the playdate I nearly had a heart-attack when I turned round to see Lara standing in front of the telly (supposedly in the middle of dancing to some music) arms up to the top of the screen and shaking it. Looked as if she was thinking of climbing up onto it. Blimey. Well I sincerely hope that after the repercussions it had she'll never be doing THAT again. What exactly entered her head at the time I'll never understand. I think I remember reading in the specs that the screen weighs 68kg.

Rather nice entirely veggie lasagna accomplished today - sauteed up a load of honest-to goodness veggies, cubed quite small (onion, carrot, peas, sweetcorn, courgettes, broccoli) and mixed with cubed tofu instead of the usual mince or lentils. 'Licious. Definitely do that one again.

Must make these posts more interesting or people will stop reading altogether. Night night, tuck up tight.

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  1. Hi,

    You are now a quarter owner of a desirable flat in Cadore. At the moment it is bring your own - including furniture, kitchen, etc, but we do have some plates glasses and an iron.

    Thanks for your latest blogs and pictures. So you found a good Vietnamese restaurant - how does this differ from Thai?

    Hope the Littles is over her "just scribble on the question paper phase.

    Must keep this short as my computer has a doddgy fan, overheats and stops at random.