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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

6th November 2010 (Saturday) – HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR P!

Well yes, it was the Mr's birthday today and all in all it was a rather nice day. Well I know it's me writing but still.

First thing in the morning I tried to get up with the Littles and get the pressies for him wrapped and the card written (all bought quite a while ago but you know me, disorganised to the nth degree).. unfortunately in the middle of this procedure he came down the stairs. Being a sport and a gentleman, he sat patiently on the stairs while we scurried to finish off our belated preparations, after which he was finally allowed a cup of tea, a rendition of 'Happy Birthday' and some rather badly-wrapped presents.

After quite a while of this, we were joined by the two seniors. Decided that a quick trip to Hickson Street and a look out over the bay would be appropriate, followed by a brief visit to the Foreshore. So that's just what we did. It was looking a tad overcast but luckily no rain while we were out. Nice view as ever from the outlook by Hickson Street (we didn't attempt to go down to Burwood Beach), and then a fair little walk in town. I fear it may even have been too much for people who had spent quite a lot of time walking about recently.

On the way back we stopped off briefly just above the baths and saw the closest sighting of a whale breaching out there that we've ever seen. We think it was baby one playing about in the shallows, splashing up and down like no-one's business. Quite fortuitous, really. Anyway, all very nice and towards the later morning the two of them were on their way and we were left with a bit of a 'what shall we do now' situation.

Spent quite some time rolling around at home, and luckily I managed to get hold of Alex (recommended by Anna as a possible babysitter) who said Yes sure she'd come out that night and sit on the Non while we went out for a meal. HURRAH!

So in due course, we booked a restaurant, fed the Non, called a taxi, introduced Child and Sitter and promptly sent Child off to bed, where she stayed quite happily for the rest of the night while Sitter sat downstairs doing her coursework. Meanwhile we went off to a very passable Vietnamese restaurant, and had a lovely couple of hours of uninterrupted nosh and booze. What a treat! Wish it were Ian's birthday every day, it was great. I know we were home well before 11, and perhaps it wasn't as wild as some people are used to, but it was still jolly nice. Definitely worth making the effort and going out more often!

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