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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Still the 4th Jan and still more kiddie-pics

All Pie's pics, isn't she fantastic? Yes, as earlier posted, they went out on their scooters BUT after that I think this was the day when the Pie went out and got some (to use Bill and Ted's phrase) Most Excellent grilled meat from the local butcher's. My out and out favourite was the liver wrapped in bacon on skewers, done... to.... perfection.... Just excuse me as I wipe away the drool at the recollection. Then there was all sorts of inebriation and swapping of pixels (with the above result) and goodness knows what, and after that we were up again at  four in the morning because our train left at just gone five for Zagreb. In fact, here's Non on the train, eating a Belgrade-Danish pastry for breakfast. As you can see, it's still dark outside and she'd been sleeping on the train for an hour and a half by then, too. Still, it did mean that we got to Zagreb at midday, which left plenty of time to chill and go for walks and... imbibe later, for some :)

Just as an addendum, here's a shot of some still-ruinous bombed buildings, right in the middle of the city, too. Some bits of Belgrade are being rather nicely done up, but occasionally one does come upon these things, it's a bit startelling. So suddenly, in fact, one almost would think they'd been left there on purpose if it weren't for the obvious health-hazzard factor. Or perhaps it's not an issue in these parts of the world. Don't know.

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