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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

4th January 2012

Now look here. I just got a complaint that I'd 'skipped over' our wonderful Belgrade trip. Just because I'm behind-hand and going backwards like the crab I am, doesn't mean I've skipped over anything.

Just to retaliate, I'm putting up one of the comedy Pie/Non consecutive pics. I think we must have swapped children somewhere along the line, not sure how.

Here's how to feed apple to captive children, up a ladder. OK perhaps they're not so captive. All these pics are from January 4th, by the way, in Belgrade. We had done our morning work, and then went out to a new park (sorry, can't remember the name) and well... parked.

OK, if anyone knows what these are... hang on I'm just being told they're called Buba Shvabe but what about in English? Hm, google awaits... Anyway what's so German about them... hmm

The Three Mooskateers

Church of Something McBiggimus

The kids invariably wanted to light candles...

More kids hanging out to dry

Speeding motorcycle, apparently

The Pie's pics are so much better than mine, I should have started with those

After we came back, they did some scootering up and down the street outside, and afterwards, playdoh in Leo and Nea's room

Watching Polar Express before bed

There are a whole heap of other pics which I'd like to put up, but Blogger's objecting and getting confused so click onto the next entry...

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  1. HI HI HI HI HI Gotcha! Hi NOn! What party did you have today? Kyaaaaaaa Bowser daaaaaa!