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Saturday, January 28, 2012

January 27th 2012

Antilao - or 'Auntie Lau' the gigantic Chinese relation who is also the largest mountain in the Dolomites, from the W&W's sitting room window, at about 7:30 this morning.

Lara WITH Auntie Lau in the background, in her PJs, a bit earlier. (Let's say 7 ish). It was jolly nippy on the balcony.  (And I can't get the underline off here and I'm not going to bother or question.) 


Lara considerably later, with her 'ice pick' .. no, sorry, 'ice axe'. Not sure how long we were rolling about in the snow for but probably a couple of hours.

 Climbing 'Shark Mountain' (aka the pile of snow heaped off the carpark) .. over, and over again.

Lara at the summit of Shark Mountain. 

Here follow a number of pics from the W&W's most excellent flat, for those that are interested. I know they posted a few measly ones before but they really don't do the place justice. Neither do these, of course, but it's just lovely. Here's the kitchen (I have a flair for pointing out the obvious)

Here's Whaley trying to check his shares in the odd second the Non give him, in the sitting room. It's at an L shape tangent to the kitchen.

Here's our bedroom, on the same floor as the kitchen etc

and here's the W&W's room, also on the same floor
self-timer effort from the Non - she's mad keen on them... 

This is the study, upstairs. There's another larger bedroom upstairs with en-suit bathroom, but I'll leave off the photos for the benefit of any readers who are non-family members... besides, it's entirely empty. Nice, though. Just take my word for it.  

There's also a cavernous garage underneath, with extra storage cubby holes. 

Taken fromt he car on the way back to Treviso. Look closely and you'll see that it's a frozen waterfall.

Lara eats tic tacs. Only orange, though. 

... And so we came back. Without ever having managed to post about being there. I have to say, I rather gave up the ghost on posting because of the internet connection at the mountains... It's a bit like the little girl with the curl, sometimes it's just dandy and then it's all kaput and if you're loading pics into blogger it's a nightmare. We were there for two nights and had an absolute blast, Lara was in heaven. Well, in snow, more accurately. In any case, I'll just keep posting backwards until I get back to stuff I've told you about... .I think I've taken about 300 pics since the last post so heavens help me.

Today we did work in the morning (gave her a special holiday yesterday), then had a peculiar skype conversation with Ian because we seemed to have neither mic nor video on our end but we could see and hear him just fine, so he and the Non talked and I typed - sort of interpreted. Interestingly, I noticed I instantly came across the same problem I had when nearly-simultaneously interpreting Japanese/English .... had to stop myself from typing out what Ian was saying as well. Must be the same part of the brain or something, turning sound and meaning into another sort of meaning - or sound. Seems the tendency is just to turn into a regurgitating machine, spewing out information regardless of where it's going. Huh. and I call myself a writer.

Lara and I spent the morning in the snow just by the house. Had two exhausting games of football (with ice blocks as footballs) where the best of 10 goals won (damn, she won both times). We did throwing contests of various sorts, she climbed 'mountains', she made a peculiar sort of 'museum' of random blocks of snow and ice which were apparently 'the head of a T rex, the head of a Frog, a chair, an ice axe, a snow card...' (??? don't ask me, I don't make these things up). After that, a luch of eggs, cheese and strudle of exquisitely fresh, piquant and tasty nature respectively, and off we went back to Treviso. Ahem... I was the only one to fall asleep in the car. I blame the football.

The cheeses were 'Rustico' and 'Puzzone'. Ahhhh.... mmmm.... Plus eggplant in oil. What can one say. Dammit, I love cheese.

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  1. Thank you, vensi... so glad you had a good time, and congrats to the Whales on the lovely place in the mountains. Big big hugs to Lara and tons of love to you both, bakadeda