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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pics from the 2nd January 2012 Belgrade

Chef Leo flipping TWO pancakes of a morning.                
Even Nea is a good flipper …

But Lara is unable to watch the batter going in from sheer excitement and trepidation

And instead sits making imaginary phone calls on the toy mobile telephone

Later, at the park, Blast Off!

Caged children. Best way to keep ‘em.

Another one of the Pie / Lara pics

Ferris wheel later… I’m sure there were some bumper cars here too but can’t find the pics at the moment

Came upon a random rock-climbing wall and for some reason I decided to … climb it. Was surprisingly easy, as it happens – perhaps because of extensive practice at being driven up the wall?

Later on, the Pie made us YUM a licious tuna sashimi … as you can see Leo the kids were EAGER to get started!

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