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Thursday, January 12, 2012

11th (and 3rd) January 2012

I am a keyboard whore. There's Daddy's big  computer with its penchent for switching between Croatian and English, and its huge two screens where the mouse slips off the end of the world and travels half-way across the world. Then there was the Pie's Japanese keyboard, which not only has the keys all mixed up but will also turn everything into weird approximations of English into Chinese characters unless you keep a sharp eye on it. Now I'm on the Mogster's keyboard, which is not only in Croatian and has jumbled-up keys, but is physically split up in some frightening ergonomic way. NOT ONLY THAT but I reckoned I'd been clever remembering how to switch between languages (shift control) so I did... AND THE SODDING APOSTROPHE DISAPPEARED AGAIN. Now I've... AH! OK that's scary. I'd been looking madly at the keyboard to try and get the damn thing to appear, and then forgot about it and automatically touched where it 'ought' to be on an English computer, and there it was. Fingers know, brain doesn't. I wonder what else the principle works for.

Not sure what's happened to today. Lara's been squashing cats all day long. I do not exaggerate. Every time I see her she's either dragging one or the other one around in arms entirely inadequate to support their overfed bulk, or she's lying sprawled across one or several of them, exclaiming, 'He's the most huggable cat, EVER'. Currently she's gone out on a walk to the woods again. No tree-mulching today, just cat-squashing. Luckily they're unbelievably placid, but there is always the fear that eventually even they might become grumpy at such intense... attention.

Now, I've been combing through the pics and trying to remember what exactly what happened in Belgrade on the 3rd, but can't work it out because whatever it was, we didn't take pics during the day. I can tell you that in the evening, we went out to a restaurant and the kids had pizza and spaghetti and I had a delicious smoked trout salad (although they did rather overdo it on the red onions, but then it was my silly fault not to just ignore them and leave them on the side). Here they are before the meal came, playing some death-defying games with Party Animals.

Life's tough when you're so short that your pizza plate makes you look like a disgruntled John the Baptist after a visit too many to Salome.

I waited until the end of the meal to take pics of these two on the grounds that they weren't drunk enough to start with. The meal ended and they were still way off the mark on the alcohol scale, so I just told them to look drunk... not sure what the result was, looks slightly more like agony but hey, they tried.

After dinner we went out for an 'explore' in the nearby woods, with flashlights. Here are the kids, gearing up for action...

This was the time when a stray dog attached itself to us (almost literally) and went all the way home with us, through a pretty long walk. Belgrade is stuffed full of stray dogs, seems to be a terrible problem. Dreadful shame. That night's dog was a lovely border collie cross and would have been a wonderful pet. Sigh. All these idiot humans who don't know what they want and when they've got a great thing just throw it away.
... Boo!

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  1. Dear Sis- to add my comment of, a day before that Auntie cooked us up a beautiful leg'o'lamb, thank you for our delightful dinner (and the fact that one could keep one's mind out of the kitchen) and the beautiful Non who is always so full of imagination (like her mum!) and stories- we have put some up on the wall. There was a mad cactus one I hadn't seen before. Actually that collie one came up again, I just had some bones left over from a first try on Serbian Teleca Corba (soup)- it left a whole hurricane in the kitchen and I now know why people actually buy so many de-greasing products- but was rather good. I had actually tried to explain to the butchers you went to what a MISUJI was ( a top part of the shoulder of beef) and ended up with Brisket instead- thus the soup. I must admit that though a very cheap part of the rest of it went in for a beer and parsnip roast ( I got perked up after your marvelous roast) - and turned out rather scrumptious, although needed 5 hours in the oven. By the way, as you always probably see- I7ve given up on the apostrophes and use or don7t use one. The SEVENs are omnipresent.
    THank you for the post lots of love!!! XOXOXOXXOXO