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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday 26th November (part 2, I guess)

I wonder if it’s a property of Cheese. Ok, cheese. Just feel it ought to be capitalized.

Had Cheese (as in, made from cow’s milk) and Crackers (the wafers, not the state of being Bananas, Ape-shit, Round the Twist, Crazy, or Stark Raving Nuts) as part of a small Afternoon Tea with a former neighbour, and now feel utterly disinclined to do anything constructive. Wildly Reckless. As if I might… I don’t know. See if there’s a movie on tonight and watch it, then just go to bed.

Opened eyes this morning to see LIGHT. It was light. Not dark. Not 3 a.m., not even 4. Probably more like 6, but I didn’t bother rolling over to glance at the clock. It was nearly 7 before I got up. If you didn’t understand what a big deal this is – well, it’s a big deal.

… Have some British news radio program running in the background and just registered that (apparently) Curiosity is about the size of a small car. I think that’s a remarkably reassuring and quantitative measure of a quality that’s sometimes somewhat nebulous to pinpoint. (There was an indication that it might be something to do with Nasa but that’s immaterial.)

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