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Friday, November 25, 2011

A few pics

Having had (repeated) requests for pics, here are a few. Not many, sorry.. hasn't really been picture taking time. This one is the most recent: our first barbecue at the new place. This is the terrace/patio area at the back - the first rung of three tiers, as it were. (Well, this is Merewether Heights, everything's tierd.)

Here are a couple of pics from last Saturday's drama performance that the Non did. (No, the one with Daddy has nothing to do with the drama. Just happens to be at the same time.) They went to Hunter Street in their groups, and did what they call 'pop up' performances in their groups, then they all got together again and did some group 'poses', impromptu. It was very difficult (ok, impossible) to hear what they were saying because of the traffic, but they all seemed to enjoy it anway. I've got lots of pics from the performances but I'm not allowed to post them online because of the rights of the other kids.

Here's Lara doing a pose for 'Tantrum' (her theatre group is called Tantrum Theatre). I thought it was quite realistic, really...

You can tell we haven't been taking pics. Here's her Halloween get-up - she's being a cheetah. Went trick-or-treating, enjoyed herself, ate sweets.

And even earlier, from the old place... just being a bit of a Santa.

That's King Kong, the class mascot, riding her scooter outside Hatfield Street. She got to take him home because she got lots of point to earn 'tickets' - was VERY pleased with herself.

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