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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday 26th November 2011

Still bucketing it down here. Has been solidly since Monday. Unbelievable volume of water. I think I will never get to do washing again.

I’ve been cogging through a delightful mix of tedious admin stuff and grubby unpacking and sorting all week. Garage-full of boxes finally coming slightly under control. Still lots of work to do. Then sorting out clothes after that. The fun never ends.

Also applying to every job in sight but it’s a bit futile just at the moment. Temp jobs seem to be rare as cockerel’s eggs and no-one’s really looking for someone to start in February. Still, blitzing that field on a daily basis, getting a few ideas.

Meanwhile, as I’ve been left alone, I’ve been taking my exercise at evening dance classes. For yesterday’s two-hour Salsa session I even put on a frock, believe it or not.  Started off a bit rusty but got into it pretty quickly – by the end the teacher was saying Very nice, it’s all coming back isn’t it, glad you stayed for the intermediate session. Plus it was a very small class so all mighty friendly. The other night I went for an hour of Waltz and an hour of Tango. Absolute crash course, never done them before in my life but all seemed satisfactory. Even had people giving me dubious looks and saying You’ve really never waltzed before? – which I guess is a complement.

On another bright note, my friend Anna (who moved to Tasmania) has just bought a house – rather unexpectedly it sounds, and it looks lovely. Not only that but her husband Neil has got a job, too – at a Harley Davidson shop, no less! So cheers and congratulations all round on that front. SO nice to hear things going well for someone. TALKING OF WHICH… CONGRATULATIONS to the Camel and Pobble, who are expecting their second child in April! Not that they read this blog but there might be those that do, and haven’t heard, and wish to know. (How’s that for a sentence?) Lara says, (correction, insists) that her new cousin is going to be called LARA GRAINGE and they’ll be identical twins. With her, obviously. Time, distance and parents are no barrier to this, it seems.

On that happy note, I shall go and have my morning shower.

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  1. Twins, as were Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in the film of that name, until they both grow up. Very original idea though.
    Very good news about Anna and Neil buying the house he wanted in Tasmania.
    More time on taxes this evening.