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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pics of the house - as rquested :)

Ok I've been asked repeatedly so here are a few pics... batteries ran out midway so I think I missed out a few bits but essentially, 23 Hatfield Street.

Here's from the top of the garden

 and this is the grassy bit...
this is looking down on the patio area from the grassy bit..

and that's the patio area from the spare bedroom

and the spare bed itself...

Oh, back to the top of the garden (more or less) - told you it was steep

here's Lara's spa bath - she loves it

and Lara's room - sorry all a bit dark, flash didn't go off

living room

the downstairs area, with Lara's reading corner to the left and sitting to the right

other side of the downstairs, with my study to the left and Lara's to the right

Missed out the kitchen and so on but no doubt you'll see them at some point. There. Pics.

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  1. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!! WOOOOOOW! And the garden- didn't know it was so huge and rambling- the bottom everything room seems to be most 'lived' in- does that lead out on to the patio? ALL absolutely wonderful, AND..... you own it, ALL! That is unimaginable- a house holder, of that kind!! Aaaahhhh... Congrats once again