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Monday, November 21, 2011

21st November (Monday)

Busy. All kinds of bits of paperwork, tidying up the house, crossing off to-do list, rummaging in papers, applying for jobs and updating contact details for agencies. A bit of gardening – didn’t seem like much but already half the green bin is full, and I haven’t even cut the lawn. 

Went to Bunnings to get some gardening basics: a hedge trimmer, a new barbecue cover, a trowel, a rake. My heart dragging along the tarmac behind me. Fallen jacaranda in lilac bleeds all across rained roads. Computer’s hum in the study but the net connection almost non-functional, making every web-move torture. Kept on at the List, wastepaper bin filling up with jettisoned projects. Found my dance-schedule – Monday night is Latin, probably cha-cha. Why not, for 7pm. Drove out into the dusking rain. ‘Danced’. Couldn’t forget for one second. Came back, feet exasperated. Backbone rebellious.

They had squid and mango tonight. I had tears and wine. Good for me I resisted mixing anything else in it.


  1. So saddening, you know how to put your feelings into poetry; in so many words yet enough to count for a novel. THe jacarandas; which I see not here but remember well in June in LA; they do make such a picture against cloudy skies and rain, let alone a bleeding heart. It must be a lot tougher with Lara not around, no laughter and silly games, Ive never been through more than one night without them but could hardly wait for the morning.
    Its a pity about the net; is there something one can do about that? Is it under a contract of some sort, or could you get a wifi router or something that would make it better? THey are not too expensive. Wishing to hear you, the time difference is yet again exasperating...

  2. Thanks, Pie. I'm on a USB at the moment - that's the problem. No reception. Should get broadband on Wednesday or so, but who knows.