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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday 4th December 2011

Tired!! Rub eyes, reach for tea. Don’t know where to start for today. It’s been machine-gun fire. Work in the morning with Lara, then off to Nippers at 9 ish where she had the fantastic privilege of being the only kid in a wetsuit and so also the only kid not shivering their bits off because the water’s only 17 degrees. She’s really getting a hell of a lot better in all this participation stuff, and she even did a good bit of paddling on the surf-boards today.

Afterwards we came home for bath and lunch, and then had Neve over for an afternoon playdate, while I sat and ate far too many nibbles while chatting to Ann. Then after THAT we sat down and Lara wrote about 40 Christmas cards for her classmates, and we printed out and prepared a bunch of invites for her birthday party. All ready for tomorrow. Birthday’s in February but it has to be pretty much set before we go, so it all seems ridiculously early but it’s not, really. Then dinner while listening to Stephen Fry reading Paddington Bear, which she enjoyed hugely. Then more stories in bed.

I don’t know that I’m going to hold out much longer myself, to be honest. It’s been a full-pelt week. Fantastic fun. I think it’s another of those hold-the-kindle-for-a-moment-and-turn-over nights.

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