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Monday, December 26, 2011

25th December 2011

When you wake up at 2:30 on Boxing Day morning and suddenly find that you prefer tea with lemon rather than milk, you know that a) you should go to bed later and b) you're probably no longer British. Or perhaps the milk's just off.

I just downloaded my pics from the last few days but they're pathetic. Lara's pics, on the other hand, with her new 'Lara Camera', looked great. However it may be difficult to retrieve them as by 7 o'clock on Christmas Day she dropped it on the floor and the lense is now stuck sideways like an elephant's trunk in a traffic accident. Lucky it came with a three-year-no-quibbles replacement warranty... so if you see that Lumix has gone out of business in the next few months you'll know why.

The Pie stayed until the 23rd, and the kids had a riot. Lara and Leo in particular became joined at the hip, we barely saw the lot of them for hours on end. Just the occasional screech of hilarity coming from behind closed doors.

Her latest 'thing' (as of the 24th and 25th) is going on massive walks in the woods. Yesterday we barely got back before it got completely dark. She's suddenly decided that she can move those little stumps of hers at an absolutely pelting rate up and down hill – I can think of plenty of adults who would have had trouble keeping up with her.

Christmas dinner was turkey here, mainly prepped by Yours Truly and (although I say it myself) rather tasty. Roasted the wee beastie on her sides like a sunbathing beauty, and the legs got a little toasty but the breasts and rest were fine specimines of succulence. We seem to have done little but eat and drink the whole time we've been here, in fact. Last night's tuna steaks were pretty divine, too. It's lucky I managed to resist eating them raw with soy sauce and wasabi before they hit the table – well, at least, not all of them. Just a nibble. Mmm. Crazy good fish. Somewhere there's  a picture of the 5kg monster salmon we had the other day – looked bigger than Lara.

OK nearly 3 o'clock now and I've finished my lemon tea, so I might see about bed again. Seasonal cheers all round. Christmas admonishments from Lara: 'we can get up, but if you hear Ho Ho Ho, jump back into bed.'


  1. What a lovely little girl the Non is, can't wait to give her a good squeeze. I hope she "does" cuddling or I might have to force-cuddle her. Her hair-bunches have grown into bundles already and she looks good. Glad you are having such fine fare there as when you get here you will have to put up with my cooking which is certainly not improving with age. Both Alan and I have taken a little while to get over our 'fluey bouts but were well enough for Christmas lunch, down at Alessandra's, which was excellent and enormous, we are still having the left overs.
    Please give our good wishes and love to the Pie and her family, and apoligize that this year I did not manage to do anything at all for Leo and Nea.
    Have a good time in Belgrade, lots of love

  2. Lovely pics, again, Vesna, and may i thank you again for the wonderful bird you served us all! You did a really good job with everything you cooked, including that very yummy chocolate cake, a one of a kind as far as i am concerned :).
    Many thanks to Woofie for the good wishes, that i return, one more time, with gusto! Much love, v