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Thursday, December 29, 2011

December 28th 2011

We:ve come to  Belgrade, and very nice it is too. Most of yesterday was spent on the train - left at 11 from Zagreb and got to BG at about 5:30.  Here:s Lara on the train. She was remarkably well behaved, really, particularly considering I seemed to be suffering from some sort of sleeping sickness the whole day, and ended up going to bed at about 8 with the children, simply couldn:t bear to be up any longer. 

Everything was very foggy outside and traveling endlessly through flat, inscrutable mist was slightly surreal.

Today we took the day to :do the town: (can:t find the apostrophe or the quotation mark, so there we are, the colon is going to stand in for everything. Not a bad punctuation solution really, would put an end to many problems for a large percentage of people.)

Here are Lara and Leo outside the Pie:s palatial Residence. Has a new pool n:all. 

Here they are in front of the fort Kalemegdan. Don:t ask me about the details. I can:t even find the apostrophe. ' AHHH!! FOund it! ''' 

We made a bit of a mistake waiting for a bus that never came (story of my life) and got chilled to the bone, so we were very glad of the comfort of pizza and soup in an underground cellar somewhere in the bowels of BG. a little further down, I think.

This one somehow reminds me of Pooh getting stuck half-way through Rabbit's front door....

Tanks! Stuff! Excitement.

Somewhere in the mist in the background is Belgrade and the Danube...

The Yak is a hardy animal...

Ah, and pizzas duly cleared

 Morning cuddles with girls

And that's about it for  tonight, I think. Lots of kisses from yet another part of the world.

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  1. Thank you Vesna... i believe i got the same zonkiness just a few days ago, only in a much worse form. Feeling better by now. Have a lovely time in Belgrade!