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Saturday, December 31, 2011

30th December 2011

"I wish I had four eyes."

Nothing to do with anything but a marvelous one-liner apropos of absolutely nothing courtesy of Leo which I thought would do wonders for the opening of a short story. (No short story to follow, just yet.) Have a few pics somewhere but at the moment pics be damned, I must tell you about  the fantastic meal we just had. In fact, all we've done since hitting terra firma here is eat, so it's a wonder our hides still contain us. Pie and Makoto took us to a 'Serbian Fusion' restaurant (yes, I know, sounds like an oxymoron in the making but it was great). EVERYTHING (apart from the olives) was delicious. Consumed softest octopus ever in a great and slightly piquant tomato sauce. Cheeses galore, all soft, some like clotted cream, some great goat's cheese with herbs, some in a 'Serbian Salad' which is vaguely like a Greek salad without olives and cucumbers and rather more cheese and tomatoes. 'Serbian Meat Plate' with (again) extremely soft meat of all sorts... In fact the fare was all so tenderly cooked I'd almost be suspicious of the dental facilities if I hadn't experienced it first hand recently. OK I guess technically that was a different country. In any case, we're all more than pleasantly rounded and the kids have just gone to bed at 9 o'clock after playing Wii for a good while, so full day all  round.



Though I haven't told you what happened before that. The entire morning disappeared in various work activities for all kids concerned - Reading, Righting and 'Rithmetic... probably Roaring, Rolling and Retching would also be appropriate but we'll concentrate on the former. Then we went to a shopping centre where they had the most excellent ride-on stuffed ponies (I'll post up pics later) and they went to ANOTHER playcentre. After which, out to a park, where we all got brilliantly muddy and played frizbee, fooball and falling in the mud and leaves. This took us up to about 4 o'clock, after which coming home, scraping off the mud, tidying up and playing a bit of Wii and there we are, restaurant time and woops, 9pm and I really must get off the computer because it:s in the same room as Lara's sleeping in. Didn't want to let too many days go by without checking in, though.

The Wonderful Bouncing Walking Horses

This one was particularly speedy! 

At the park later - football... 

snack-time in Dino Land

and put the whole lot of 'em on the outdoor exercise machines!

Hope everyone is well, snogs all round from Full Tummy Land.


  1. So glad to hear you are all happy, bright-eyed and satisfied in every way. Funny to see the riding ponies, just the same as the ones in Garden Mall here, only for some reason they were not available when we were there - hope they reappear next time, if Lara is still interested.
    Hearty wishes for more good and exciting times, and do keep us posted, Vesna! Much love and big hugs to all.

  2. What wonderful things that Non is doing, she is having a really lovely time. I am afraid she might get a little bored when she comes here as there are no interesting arcades or zoos, but we can offer a whale of course. She is going to miss Leo and Nea terribly and the yammy food that the Pie is dishing up, it looks very enticing spread out like that on the colourful table, how does one decide what to pick? Loved the photos, by the way has the camera been replaced? Hope you find a suitable
    means of transport to get you here without much fuss and changing.