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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Talk of quiet! Wow. All we did yesterday was me taking the Littles swimming. Mr didn't put foot out of doors. The old phrase 'rolling the baby' comes to mind. We were so lethargic Ian and I barely bothered with dinner – eventually had a small cheese sandwich before retiring for the night but that's it. Stunning.

We're currently flicking through the newspapers to see if there's anything on today for a slightly more mobile day, but it's not looking promising. Thing is, it's been raining and grey ever since the summer holidays started (beginning with that thunderstorm the other day) and the traditional fall-back of 'beach' is just not very attractive. Perhaps Daddy will come up with something clever. Who knows.

Did finally get round to wrapping all the presents last night, and came to the realisation that we've bought the Littles precisely nothing. She's got loads of stuff but it's all from Pie and W&W – two huge bags of sporty stuff from Pie and a Dsi set from W&W. Loads of money left over, too, which we have no idea what to do with. Ah, what a situation to be in.

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