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Thursday, December 9, 2010

9th December 2010 (Thursday)

The world's looking just a teeny bit fuzzy round the edges today... I got a bit carried away with the new website I'm building and ended up going to bed at 1:30 (which is unheard of for me) and then the Littles got up at 6. Meanwhile the Mr has hared off to Sydney for a meeting this morning, by the said 6 a.m. he was up up and away. I'm seriously considering getting those black-out curtains – if I can possibly tear myself away to the shop for long enough to do it, which is doubtful. (Mind you, blackout curtains probably won't avert meetings in Sydney but you know. Wouldn't that be just wonderful? What a marketing edge. 'Hang these and you'll never have to go to an annoyingly located early meeting again!' Ah, one can dream.)

I did my swimming again in the morning yesterday (and took a little more care with the timing) and found it was 25 minutes (for the 1km). Ian says, not shabby, but considering the Newcastle Harbour race to Stockton times in at just over 7 minutes for 700 meters, it's got a hell of a way to go. Well, for one I won't be entering that race just at the moment. Anyway, it's quite good fun and nice to be back in the water.

(I'm sure the Littles just yelled down at her chocolate advent calendar: 'Arse number 21!' Not sure what's going on but it sounds exciting).

Seasonal annoyance of the day: the postal service. Went there yesterday to post package to Leo and Nea, and they said Oh it'll be more expensive because it's large, you're better off packing it in small pieces, there's a $9 surcharge for anything over 450g. Well, Ok if it's going to be that much cheaper I'll repack, think I, so off I go back home. Come back with multiple packages and the total charge is... nearly $10 more than they originally quoted for the big one. You said it was cheaper to break them up, quoth I. Ah but there's a minimum charge, quoth they. I didn't say anything but think they saw exactly what I was thinking because the man behind the counter said weakly, it'll all be all right. Yeah, mate, you wish, not after I've finished with you. Anyway, so sorry about that Pie, there'll be a whole load of tiny parcels arriving instead of just one decent sized one. I told myself that at least it diminishes the eggs-in-one-basket factor if something goes missing. Of course, it increases the chances of ONE of them going missing but hey there we are.

I find this morning that our bathroom scales have finally given up the ghost. Says something about the state of our diet.

Been pretty hot these days, finally. Littles came back from school yesterday looking rather hot and bothered, so we upped and went to the Baths in the afternoon. Boy it was chilly (seemed much colder than when I went in the morning, somehow), but she did a bit of swimming, and then we went to Swell's for a hot chocolate. By the time she got back, demanded Bassa for dinner and watched a good chunk of the Nutcracker, she was well pumped again. I think it's a good thing that the school's finishing soon, though, they're all tired out of their tinies by the sound of things. All the kids are bursting into tears at a moment's notice.

Meanwhile, the Mr had a barbecue get-together at the lab yesterday. He came home in the afternoon and I dropped him somewhere near the centre at a park. Seemed to have an OK time but perhaps it could have been better, as he said the barbecue thingy at the park actually turned out to be broken, so they all piled into someone's car and drove to Dixon Park, where the Thingy was working but the wind from the beach was so cold that it sounds as if there was a brass monkey nearby bewailing the state of his wedding tackle. Anyway they retired to a pub after quick-cooked sausages and lived happily ever after.

Darn it's gone 7. Must attend to Littles. Lots of love to all.

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  1. Very happy to see that "upside" has been resurrected: I really missed it very much. Was afraid it might have been curtailed because no bugger could be bothered to put a comment of appreciation. I must assure you that is the first thing I look at everyday when I actually manage to get my hands on the computer as I love to keep up with
    all that is happening over there and with the Non's progress.
    Particularly enjoyable her comments on the Christmas calendar closely followed by the pictures of the hallowing spread you prepared for the angelic hooligans, it must have taken you several hours, I hope it was duly appreciated.
    Good news about Welham Green, what is needed now is the permanent visa, try lighting a candle to a saint who is not too busy in this season.
    Forgot to mention when speaking on Skype that we had a phone call from Phyl who was very grateful for their overnight stay and dinner at you place; as she has probably told she was very impressed by the Non's improvement and friendliness.
    Have you had any official comments on all you writing? is there any way that I could nose in? I think you might have sent an address quite a while ago but when I tried it I was not able to get in. Usual ham-fisted dog.
    Hope our Pflea does not get home too knackered tonight and that his trip was worthwhile.
    Love to you all