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Monday, December 27, 2010

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you've all been having a wonderful festive season. We have!

Dude, totally chilled. Never had such a stress-free Christmas. Presents were opened bright and early, sitting room amok with all the correct items: (presents, paper, packaging and instruction slips). I say, MANY thanks to all of you for huge amounts of cash. I already wrote to the Pie – LOADS of stuff for everyone, lots of outdoor toys for the Littles, a dress for me, and loads of shorts and T's for the Mr. The Littles got (as you know) a DS complete with three year's warranty, a carry-case, and three games from the W&W but that still leaves loads of cash which we simply couldn't apply... it'll have to wait for the next important purchase. I think this officially qualifies as 'more money than sense!'

By about 9 a.m. we were all set to go to the beach, and spent a lovely couple of hours in the water and building castles. Back home, and... hmmm... I think there was a quick lunch of tortellini followed by video watching, and DS playing. Rolled about most of the rest of the day, I think, and in the afternoon the Mr put the turkey on the barbecue and did all the trimmings – we had barbecued corn, sweet potato and so on. Lovely. Forgot to put the Xmas pudding on but no-one missed it. Too full. Wonderful.

I'm keeping this short because... today we're GOING CAMPING! Really we're quite late off the block – it's 8:30 already and we're just lazing about, still. We've got a tent, a camping stove and the gas, we've dug out the sleeping bags, we've bought an Esky, we've made some spag sauce for tonight as an easy heat-up and there we are, campsite booked in Anna Bay overnight so fingers crossed it doesn't rain! (or at least, that it doesn't rain too hard). Got to get packing!

Boxing day was just as relaxed as Christmas day – much the same pattern, actually. Beach, then rolling about. (My, that DS is wonderful). I popped out to the lockup to get Camping Stuff (usual fun struggle with boxes, can't wait for lockup days to be over), and was going to get some extra things at the shops but was surprised to find EVERYTHING shut! Westfield, the Homemaker centre, everything. Not a car in sight, all deserted. Oh well, that's one way to save money. So we're off without super-strength insect repellent and a few other things – I'm sure we'll survive.

Must get going. Lots of love to all, and remind me to tell you about the 23rd when we went to the park with Sophie and the consequences! ;) Should have some pics somewhere, too.

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