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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chocolate Crumbs

Lara: "Good Friday isn't really good, is it."
Mum: "Oh?"
Lara: "Because that's when Jesus died on the cross."
Mum: "Well I guess so, yes."
Lara: "And then he came back from the dead three days later, on Sunday."
Mum: "Yes, that's what Christians believe. But we aren't Christian."
Lara (decidedly): "No. We're British."

Don't even go to the whole Easter Bunny thing. Hope you've all been having a good Easter, irrespective of chocolates.

Our little Easter Egg Hunt was on Saturday, starting at 10 in the morning. Kids came and did Bunny masks craft stuff until everybody was assembled, then we went onto Easter cookie making (I'd prepped the dough, they rolled and cut them out... BOY there were a lot of cookies). Then time for the hunt itself. You should have seen them straining at the door, waiting to be let out - it looked like something from the New Years' Hunt day, all they needed was the red jackets - or perhaps the bark and the wag. Here they are with the eggs.

We pooled the eggs afterwards and divvied them up, and I think (mostly) evaded egg-envy, which is always a danger with these things. After that there was general loud disco, lights and fogger nonsense downstairs, with balloons and cookies and cake trampled underfoot, so everything went smoothly. Later, some of the parents were in the mood for chat so we sat and I ate FAR too much cheese and had unseasonable bubbly... all pretty pleasant of a Saturday morning. They even helped me tidy up. However in the meantime Lara and the remaining kids holed themselves up in her room and had fun with Lara's camera, hence these pics:

Honestly can't remember what we did after that. We only finished up at gone 3, anyway. I think there was a lot of tidying up, and some reading and perhaps even some telly. Quiet, satisfied evening. They're not half bad, of occasion. 


  1. Pics are lovely - especially the happy gappy teeth! I remember those Mum days of preparing Easter Egg hunts...

  2. Very interesting pics, thanks for posting them. How's the mummy? Love, Woof