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Thursday, March 29, 2012

29th March 2012 (Thursday)

Ok that was a bit catatonic. Over a month's break is bad.

Made effort and took some pics last week when Lara was here (well that's the news that  my regulars want, isn't it) so will post now...  Wow, either Blogger's improved its photo capabilities immensely or (as usual) it might have been Internet Explorer hampering things previously. This little lot of pics took no time at all, usually they'd take ages. Guess which browser's chucked. Chrome here we come. Anyway where was I.

Here's Sophie and Lara on Friday with Chicky Baby, the class mascot that Sophie got to take home for the weekend. This whole thing turned into an impromptu mega-playdate/sleepover (much to the kiddie's delight) due to adult work schedules. Spaghetti with meatballs on the lawn (ok, picnic style, not directly on the lawn, I know they're 7 but they're not that bad) followed by romping and craft activities until about 9:30. Then (frankly) more romping until 10:30. Then some silence until 3am, when I found Sophie and Lara with lights blazing and full playsets out, entirely engrossed in some roleplay. Eventually had to separate them to make them get any sleep. They seem to have had a darn good time, though.

Abby and Caitlin (Sophie's sisters) joined us a little later on

mega craft activity: space monsters were a great hit. 

Next day (Saturday) Lara decided she wanted to go exploring along Burwood Beach - not only that but to go ALL the way to the end of it from Merewether Baths. For little legs that's a fair way, particularly after her night, but she made it. Here she is with a stone that looks exactly like a chocolate covered biscuit. Honest, it's a stone. 

Later on that day we went to Pete and Aleeta's, and Lara and Neve did puzzles while delicious pizzas were cooked (hats off to the chef, way better than my pizzas). Kids went to the park, had a ball, watched Madagascar after dinner. Can't believe Lara stayed awake until 8:30. 

The next day (Sunday) we took it relatively easy and it was the first day in the week where we didn't have appointments or playdates. Took Lara shopping for eggs for her Easter egg hunt on the 7th, and then she chose her own lunch at the supermarket. Lara's choice was salmon, potato and Chinese broccoli and sauteed red onions. Not bad combo. She's pretty good at food shopping when she wants to be. For the rest of the day we sorted stuff, did homework, chores and catching up. One day a week is a bit of a necessity on that front.

The rest of the week was as busy as the portion with the pictures. Monday she had gym, Tuesday swimming, Wednesday she had a playdate with Neve and Indiah but unfortunately was feeling ill with a tummy ache so we did a lot of sitting down and reading stories and playdoh and things that didn't need a lot of movement. Shortly after they left she was impressively sick, and we both had toast for dinner. Perked up reasonably by the end of the day and next day well enough to go to school. Thursday came bouncing back with her playdate Elyse and they had a fantastic time making (again) the space monsters. With that we're up to Friday again. 

This week I know she's had MORE playdates (because I arranged them), Wednesday with Neve and Thursday with Elyse, and certainly yesterday she seemed to have had a great time because I picked her up afterwards (Ian has late lectures on Wednesdays at the moment). Beautiful weather here and it's all blue skies and scudding clouds, temperature at about 20, 21 degrees, pleasant as one could wish for. 

Meanwhile I've been pretty busy with my own stuff but have a feeling that's not what people want to hear about. Having considerable trouble fitting everything in, particularly as the old insomnia problem recently raised its bleary head again, leaving me too tired to get up and do things and generally betwixt-and-between. Luckily this seems to be coming to an end. Started subbing to writing comps again after (wait for it, I keep a log so I know this is exact) FIVE MONTHS. Dear god. Anyway, gratifyingly, almost immediately I got one shortlist in some random comp and am ON THE LONGLIST FOR THE FISH! For those of you not in the know about writing comps, this is a big deal. I am, as they say, well chuffed. Of course would be even better if that moved up to the shortlist, but it's great as it is. So sitting here slightly basking and invigorated. 


  1. Actually would like to hear about you

  2. pics showed up in the afternoon

  3. nice looking lump of salmon (is it?)

    1. Yes, salmon. In fact it was too big even for her. Glad the pics showed up - wasn't quite sure what I was going to do about it.