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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Gosh, that one crept up on me! So sorry Pie, we haven't even posted a card, I don't know what happened. Many, many happy returns of the day, though, and big snogs and hugs all round: hope you get the chance to celebrate with something a little special. We'll certainly to raising a glass or two to many more happy years to come for you both. Cheers!

Sunday evening's bath was mostly spent in listing all the types of dirt that were in the process of being washed off. Goat dirt, chicken dirt, cow dirt, alpaca dirt, horse dirt, roo dirt, koala dirt, sheep dirt, pig dirt, peacock dirt. Probably mostly goat dirt though. All combined in a heady mix of Child Dirt. We went to Oakvale Farm, you see.

Took a picnic and didn't come back for a good while. Temperature's lovely at the moment, blue skies and not too hot at all (in fact my fleece is back out in use again, but most people are still in T shirts).

I've decided the roos are my favourites. They're extremely sociable and have a way of loping up to you like some affable chap at a cocktail party, and seem to say, “I say, happen to have any of those tasty pellets about you? Hm, thought you might have.” Then they tend to put out their black-tipped paws on you with a charmingly off-hand touch of familiarity. Razor-sharp claws on there, but luckily they don't tend to use them.

I've just come back from school, where the kids needed help with making their annual Easter Hats. Non has been looking forward to this for weeks, and finally, there is it, ready. This year it's a towering yellow creation, complete with mesh veil at the back trailing almost to her knees and a perky Easter Bunny sitting on top, all surrounded by fluffy chicks and wire butterflies. Where this ridiculous custom came from I have no idea, but the kids certainly enjoy it so I guess it's OK. It's funny watching the Easter Hat parade, too – there are some truly spectacular ones out there that make the Non's extravaganza look tame. Ruby, next to her, had a brilliant purple thing with styrofoam eggs of all colours dangling off the edge like the Easter equivalent of corks. I didn't stop to see the rest of them: we were finished quite quickly so I just scarpered.

Annoyance of the day to deal with now. Printer ran out of magenta ink so yesterday I went all the way to Cartridge World and got a new one. Last time they hadn't had the right ones so I'd had to wait for mine to be refilled: this time they seemed to have them on the shelf. Oh good. Back home I go. This morning I get the pack out and try to put it in: and it's the WRONG ****ING ONE. They've given me a 38, not the 39 I needed. So all the way BACK again it is, a little excursion I could do with like a hole in the head. In the meantime I can't print, which means I can't print out the details of our visa, to give to the Medicare people, to update our Medicare card, so that I can reclaim on bills to the doc's. So the printers have not only made me drive twice, but are standing directly between me and my cash. Not a good place to be in, for anyone. Pray for them.

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