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Thursday, October 28, 2010

17th October 2010 - Merewether Beach


  1. THese are just astounding, it's funny how Non looks just like a bigger Nea in the same trousers as hers (sorry, I liked them and got them at the same time for Nea) Daddy is SO impressive! How does he do lectures, be perfect husband, cook, perfect looks, perfect dad, negotiator and calm attitude AND do hand stands at the same time? I guess that behind every perfect man there is a perfect woman! The last time I tried to impress my kids with a handstand against the wall I flopped impressively and almost broke my neck. At least the kids guffawed, not to mention makoto (who is used to my more than inept clumsy physical capabilities by now, to say the least) - anyway Non"s bottom trying to imitate was also most impressive, perfect of the kind. I can"t say I was the perfect Mum today, carted off my son to school, left him in a carpool after ages (usually take him to his place and kiss him goodbye) on a Halloween carnival day, promised to be back from nea"s gym class in time to participate and egg him on, miscalculated the beginning time of the first new class time of hers, took her out early bawling, rushed to the school almost running a red light and in the end arrived just as everyone was returning to the class with a toddler kicking and bawling her head off. Sigh. I am now looking at afternoon activities to make it up to him, poor thing, must have been the only mum who's not working not present. Everyone around me have family, personal trainers, babysitters, cleaners and cooks, looking like mum Vogue characters in the morning and I am the one usually forgetting to draw one eyebrow and rushing in at the neck of the bell.How is everyone so kakkoii? Poor Leo, no wonder he pees himself. Laugh. Anyway see its got a lot warmer, the Ws werent there, are they gone or? I forgot till when they were there, the month has gone by with such alarming speed. Anyway lots of love and thanks for the lovely pics, XOXOS

  2. Sorry the Ws were there, I was in such a mental rush (or being just me) that I forgot the top part of the pics by the time I came to the bottom. Don"t worry, its only Friday. Years more to go.