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Thursday, October 28, 2010

17th October 2010 - Dixon Park and Beach






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  1. Dear Everyone, especially to PUTTER OF PICS-
    I couldnt comment for a while since I was at a public comp, got a new one at last and now am back online thank the lord. The pictures are gorgeous! I dont know which one looks more fun, lovelier or to comment of its residents. Woofie and Whale have if anything got younger if humanly possible, Lara is looking taller (possible) and happier and lovelier than before even (impossible) and the opera house and sailing and kangaroos- but still, they can't outshine the Non. Absolutely gorgeous, I love the one in the purple dress, just to eat up- and the one where you are hugging her from behind. I wish I had someone to capture me in spontaneous moments, alas, usually its some sort of posing somewhere.
    Post more in a quick letter, but in the meantime; I wish I was with you all, laugh and frolic and be a pie again! Lots of love to all of you, XOXOXOXOS