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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

8th September 2012

As Coco was missing from the last post, here she is at the Reptile Park on the 8th, instead. There's a certain degree of Flumpage going on as it was just before lunch and energy levels were at a low ebb at this point.

The shows at the Reptile Park were pretty crowded. Oh, and if the OBNOXIOUS WHITE HAIRED LADY who wouldn't move back a little from the front of the boundary so a couple of seven year olds could stand in front of her to see the show (she was short and ugly but taller than them, at least), and instead waved her huge telephoto lense about the place in any available gap there was taking rubbishy pics, is reading this: you suck big time and will hopefully be trampled underfoot sometime soon. We were fantasizing later about strapping her into a REALLY high swing and giving her a nice big push - if she wants to be treated like a kid that much she can haev the whole hog, see how she likes it.

.... Sorry, got a bit carried away. Anyway luckily for Lara she's light and got a lift. Along with Teddy.

Koalas dripping in their lump-of-sooty-fat way.


... and petting the tortoise. This one's a domeback, and a spratling at 65 years of age.

As you can see, it was (again) a beautiful day and we had a great time. Oh my gosh and the picnic.... mmm... barbecued chicken and lovely bread, strawberries, cookies (see below), wine from the Hunter (yum), spreads and cheeses galore, we could barely move afterwards.

The only unfortunate thing was that there seemed to be a flash tummy bug going round. Abiela wasn't feeling too well and got worse, so we didn't stay too long - and later Kalus came down with the same thing. Luckily, was just a transitory affair. All well by the evening.

Lara practicing jumping-over-the-ditch.....

...and then all together.

Oh yes, reaching for the giant Funnleweb in the Spider emporium. Lovely.

Coco and Lara stayed in here for ages, absolutely loving the idea of sitting on a fake toilet with fake (huge) redbacks all over it. Couldn't stop giggling for at least 15 minutes.

In fact, they stayed there for so long that we moved on to the crocodiles (or the frogs, I forget which) so I went back to make sure they knew where we were. I got back and was poo-poohed with a "you're not still counting kids, are you?" Apparently with this number in tow, the rule is a) some degree of attrition is acceptable and b) keep up or be left behind. Bit of a Pirate Code thing going on. Seems to work OK so I guess he knows what he's talking about.


  1. So good to see everybody so happy and enjoying everything! Thank you Vesna for reporting, am delighted with the pics, lots of love and big hugs and keep up the good work :)!

  2. Thanks Vesna for these interesting pictures and comments. 15 minutes in a fake toilet with fake redbacks: so how long in a real one of both? Half a second at most I assume.

    Lots of love,