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Friday, July 27, 2012

Was that really June gone?

June 11th, apparently. That’s how long it’s been. Shucks. Ma’ bad.

Lara came back from what seemed like a very long two weeks at Ian’s with nearly three hundred pictures in her camera, which sparked my hopes but it as it turned out most of them were of fish. No, that’s not as random as it sounds: it was the holidays and he took her down to the Sydney Aquarium, which (naturally) she enjoyed immensely. Came back with  plush blue-ringed octopus, which is now duly resident in her bed (a place more crowded than inner-city circles of Bangladesh).

Here she is on her bike at the foreshore. Had a very  long ride.  Still has stabilizers on but at least she’s pedalling now.

Had to post this one, for the Camel. New camel outside Newcastle Museum. It's quite startling, actually. Wasn't really expecting it.


Lara with one of her favourite things in the Museum – the lift-the-car-because-we’re-using-levers trick

Apparently it was warm enough to paddle! Shivers. Still, nice day.

Shark attack on beach!

Always line up your cupcakes on the floor and roar over them. It's the rule.

I know this is ridiculously short but I think Lara's awake now and I've got a hell of a lot to do today. Laters.

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  1. At last we have just found this 3 weeks later. We hope you are both well, and that the Non's cough is gone. We are off to the camel's on Saturday morning and will try to contact you both from there.

    Love to you both,